Surge in Basic Commodity Prices: Liberia — Case Study – 06/2008 – ACF

Document Information:
  • Document Name: Surge in Basic Commodity Prices: Liberia — Case Study
  • Date Published: 06/2008
  • Publisher/Author: ACF / Caroline Broudic
  • Acquired by: John Etherton, 01/08/2011
  • Added to Liberia Docs 2011-01-08


Source Information:

Acquired from the Liberia Expats Google Group.

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3 Responses to Surge in Basic Commodity Prices: Liberia — Case Study – 06/2008 – ACF

  1. Reginald Goodridge says:

    Could you please help me find the author of this report. I am doing a research paper on commodity prices in Liberia and staple foods including rice, cassava, edo, etc. and I would like to contact the author about finding more up-to-date data and research.



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